How To Die In Las Vegas – Do Not Jaywalk!

BEFORE YOU JAYWALK – a recent published report (City Life Magazine) of
the 15 most crash-ridden intersections in Las Vegas revealed the top 3
are on Las Vegas Blvd. (The Strip):

1. L.V. Blvd./Tropicana
2. L.V. Blvd./Flamingo
3. L.V. Blvd./Sahara

We mention this because a trip to the Strip (for locals) isn’t complete without
almost mowing down a pedestrian who was rushing against the light (or
outside of a crosswalk) to get to that casino across the street before
it closes. That or the bar runs out of beer. Or maybe before the
casino cage runs out of change. Before you send the hate mail,
we are NOT trying to hit you (except for maybe the taxi drivers).
But we dread the day it might happen.

On a serious note, pedestrians are hurt and killed by autos on the
Strip far more often than you’d like to know. Folks, this isn’t
Disneyland and the person behind that wheel may also unfortunately be
just as drunk as you are. Las Vegas is going to be here for a long
time. That casino you are rushing to isn’t closing. Do yourself a
favor: obey the signals, watch for traffic, and you’ll be around to
enjoy Las Vegas for many years to come.

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor
Access Vegas