Taxing The Las Vegas Visitors… Here We Go Again

A couple of years ago, we railed against the increasing rental car taxes to fun a performing arts center downtown. This area is already awash in venues of all sizes, and the clientele that goes and sees a touring ballet company isn’t likely to then head to Fremont Street, order up a 3 foot tall frozen drink from a girl in a bikini, and fire up the craps table. I continue to content that the city didn’t need the center, especially on the backs of visitors who already pay outrageous rental car taxes.

Now comes a proposed (just shy of) 1% sales tax only for an area within a 3 mile radius of the center of The Strip. Why? To fund an arena behind Flamingo/Harrah’s/Imperial Palace.

Disclaimer: I got out a map and a ruler (old school) and found out that I’m in that radius. So are most of the places I shop and eat at. On the flip side, we’ll probably be able to profit selling some tickets to the events.

Look… we have arenas. Coming out our backside for a community of this size. The only real reason some want this is because they feel it will land us a pro sports team. Let’s not be stupid here: Las Vegas is in an economic slump. Southern Nevada is slated to lose another 50,000 people. If the team draws, it will have to depend heavily on visitors from the other team’s city.

Can a sport team really bet on that (no pun intended)? And how well is a Las Vegas team going to do when 70% of the people in the stands at their HOME game are rooting AGAINST the home team? This just isn’t the right time to be (once again) sticking it to our visitors financially to fund something we don’t need right now.

The great thing is that this will bring in more people who want more gamble tips in Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts? Make your voice be heard with a comment below.

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor
Access Vegas

10 thoughts on “Taxing The Las Vegas Visitors… Here We Go Again”

  1. Don’t be fooled by your elected officials. Not only will we the tourists be taxed but the 3 mile rule will affect a large percentage of the people of the the Vegas valley. Secondly, with the traffic congestion near your core, the last place you want a major sports complex is near the strip. Finally, keep over taxing your golden geese (the tourists) and they will find new destinations to flock to.

  2. So what happened with the Silver State Arena (or whatever it was called) near the Sahara? I actually think a pro team could do ok in Vegas (preferably NHL…so I would visit), but can they not just use what they have?! Cripes…

  3. I find this scandalous. Are they trying to drive all visitors away? The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. If this happens then I shall look for somewhere else to go and spend my money

  4. i don’t like to go to vegas because, from the time you get off the plane until the time you get back on the plane to return home, everybody has their hand out for a tip. and they all make more money then most of us

  5. you have got to be kidding another tax and we are suppose too loose another 50,000 jobs( where did you get the info oin the jobs thing,??)
    i own a business here for over 17 years and i have never seen anything like this. i have actually looked at moving to califonia because it may be cheaper and i have a population (25 million in southern cali) where here the numbers are dwindling and many of my fellow business owners are determined not to stick it out another 2 or 3 years of this stuff. presently it costs me in license fee and state gov. fee $4000 a years to just have the right to have a business never mind the cost of opening up the doors. it is unbelievable we definetly need some fresh business here and a poppulation that is not going to disappear.

  6. sorry about the spelling on my above post . but the state government need to stop all th eroad blocks to opening a business. you cna go to Hong Kong ( and do not laugh at this) and open a business up in less than i day and you only need 2 sheets of paper. try that here. we need some free trade zones ( we use to have them) to get people and prodicts moving again. not this constant steppin gon your throat by some really stupid rules. any body got e suggestions???

  7. Why not let the teams that are using the arena pay for it. The people who use the arena should be the ones to pay, not the visitors to Vegas. I believe in pay for what you use.

  8. damn city getting too expenive already. been going to vegas for over 20 yrs. i guess that could be the last straw for me.

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