Should You Try To Use Coupons When In Las Vegas?

A recent blog post Playing the Coupon Game in Vegas highlighted various suggestions for using coupons when in Las Vegas. But is this really a wise thing to do? Food for thought:

Many people  forget to factor in the cost of using a coupon. If it is something you were already interested in doing or seeing, more power to you.

HOWEVER, if you are staying at MGM Grand Las Vegas and you have a coupon for something way up The Strip (or off Strip or downtown), you must factor in the transportation cost (or time factor if you are walking) against the cost of redeeming a coupon on something you’d otherwise only find marginally interesting. Even couponing in everyday life can be deceiving. You have a $1 off coupon for Tide, but the store brand (provided it works just as well, and often does) is half the money. Even with the coupon, you are paying more for the Tide.

I realize that some people really get a rush out of using coupons (thinking that they are a really smart consumer and really saving money), but the reality is that you only have so many hours while here on vacation. When you factor in the cost of air and hotel and food, you are spending a pretty penny each hour you are in Las Vegas just to be here!

It is often worth spending a few extra bucks to do and see the things you really want to do in that precious amount of time.¬† Save the “look how smart I am for saving money” pat on the back for when you are at home.

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Manging Editor

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3 thoughts on “Should You Try To Use Coupons When In Las Vegas?”

  1. My husband and I visit Las Vegas at least once a year and we always use the Entertainment coupon book. It saves us a lot of money on meals, museums, shopping, etc. Since we usually drive instead of flying, getting to where we want to go is no problem. If we do fly, we rent a car and the money we save by using the Entertainment book always pays for the car and gas. Use coupons? Definitely!

  2. You have summarized coupon use perfectly! There are so many “in house” deals already available at most hotel/casinos. If it is something you want to do, coupons are a bonus. Otherwise, just enjoy doing the things you already wanted to do.

  3. I take coupons every time we visit, but only for shows, exhibits, or food. I’ve definitely saved on shows, but usually end up spending more on food! However, we were ultimately glad we did try restaurants we might not otherwise have visited.

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