Las Vegas “Linqing” Up Hotels With New Shops, Dining (Say Goodbye, Imperial Palace)

Project Linq Now Official – Caesars Entertainment (the company) has announced their 1/2 billion dollar project to convert the smelly side-street (glorified alley) between The Flamingo Las Vegas and O’Sheas into an entertainment district anchored at the rear by a “biggest in the world” observation wheel (think London Eye) called the High Roller. Restaurants and bars will make up about 70% of the project with retail and entertainment rounding out the rest.

Like the Imperial Palace? Bummer for you. No, they are not blowing it up. But it will get a completely new look, new casino area, new name, and open up to create a passage between Carnival Court and Linq.

O’Sheas is going bye-bye. Kind-of. The present O’Sheas location will be turned into part of Project Linq (which we assume means more Strip-front dining and roof-top nightlife which has become so popular). O’Sheas itself will be integrated into the “new” Imperial Palace (which has no announced name yet). This actually makes sense. If you’ve been coming to town for a while, you’ll remember that (what is now) Rockhouse — the separate area of the IP fronting The Strip – was once a bar and casino area. This would be a very sensible spot for the O’Sheas relocation.

The winners and losers? Obviously too early to tell. Ceasars Entertainment (CET) is noting that the prime demographic Linq is reaching out to are 21-46 year olds. The average age of the Las Vegas visitor is 49 and even CET noted that only 52% of Las Vegas visitors will fall into this category over the next few years. The Riviera is banking hard on the over-50 set and if they can hang on during their bankruptcy, they may benefit from some of the migration. As most likely downtown will. If the “new” O’Sheas is too “uppity” then they’ll see the migration of their customers to Casino Royale (who would be well-served to knock out part of their front wall to create an open-to-The-Strip atmosphere, and immediately figure out where they can put beer pong).

My concern? Visitors tend to not walk away from The Strip. It is almost like a phobia. It is one thing to walk into a hotel, but down a side area between two hotels that takes you “off” The Strip? Will the lure of looking at the High Roller be enough to get them walking that direction? Or is part of the “bet” on this project a hope that CET will get the taxpayer support (read: special sales tax) needed to build an arena on the rest of the land they own back there? We all know that sports/event arenas do wonders for nearby restaurants, bars, and retail. I’m surprised that no one has asked about how important of a cog this is to the CET plans.

Ted Newkirk

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas “Linqing” Up Hotels With New Shops, Dining (Say Goodbye, Imperial Palace)”

  1. Not Oshea’s. Believe it or not, this is one of our favorite casinos to play craps and indulge in a few cold ones. Can’t beat the beer prices, and the free bands that play every evening. Yes, the place is not in the greatest of condition, but that is what makes it so special. More and more of the old stuff going away. If they put Oshea’s in the back of another building, things just won’t be the same.

  2. That’s the stupidest idea they ever came up with! Like there’s not enough restaurants and shopping on the strip! Not to mention the Imperial Palace is a nice cheap place to stay right on the strip when you go for 2 weeks at a time. It won’t be now!

  3. This is one of the best ideas ever. Just think sprucing up 2 of the most rundown casinos. Anything they do to these 2 would be great. Are they doing something to the Flamingo?

  4. I had heard of this project but didn’t know the IP would be “going away” until now. Even though we kinda bounce around when we stay in Vegas, because we stayed quite a bit at the IP, it always feels like coming home when we walk in the front doors. Coming out next week, and will be sure to pay closer attention to what’s going on and pick up some IP memorabilia. Love your updates!

  5. Prices are rising and rising at the CET properties, especially at my home away from home, the IP.
    As a female who travels alone and feels very safe at the IP, I am so sad that the prices are now
    going up and up. Where will I be able to stay? “My” favorite room is being priced out of my

    Are we already paying for this big project?

    Are their loyal customers being pushed out and offered less to stay with them? I think so………..
    And this makes me very sad. I really do want to stay with them but if I am being taken to the
    cleaners by the airlines and then by the hotel…………..My spending money is being eaten up by
    just these two items.

    I wish to spend my money in the casino, the shops and the restaurants………

    I save up all year to take my trip and my excitement has now turned into sadness over the prices
    of the hotel rooms……….

    Not long ago I had my five comp nights listed online when I was looking into planing my annual
    Now that I am ready to book……………..they have mysteriously disappeared. Those
    nights help make my trip possible. Maybe I made a mistake being loyal? Maybe only the “new”
    customer is important to them?

    I am just plain depressed now about my trip…………

    Thank you in advance for reading my rant……


  6. What a shame! We like staying at the IP because of the location and pricing. We are coming for a stay there in Oct. Looks like it will be our last. Next time, maybe we’ll try downtown.

  7. Too bad about Imperial Palace. We’ve been staying there on and off for 35 years. Besides the slowest elevators in the world, we loved playing poker machines at the bar. Lots of memories. Why don’t they play to the 50-70 year old crowd?

  8. we just Love,Love,Love Las Vegas!!!but…things are changing!! We plan coming to Vegas in the middle of Sept. when I called for the ‘comp” room was unable to get Fri. or Sat.{always could before!![we’ll be in Laughlin Fri-Sun…Love the news letter!!

  9. Sorry to hear about the IP. Have been staying there for years. We are Seniors and like the easy in and out of the IP. Could use some sprucing up. Liked it much better when it was owned by Harrah’s. Will be coming out in October. Need these smaller casinos that cater to the middle class. Everyting seems to be going to more glitz and the younger crowd. Booked our room early and received comps and good rate for two days. Checked last week and rates were triple for the same time. Pretty soon we won’t be able to afford air fare or casion rooms. Too bad, really enjoyed Vegas. They are pricing themselves away from the Seniors who like to spend money but also like to be treated like the they were in the good old Vegas days.

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