Bob Stupak’s Las Vegas Titanic Hotel Plan Is Sunk

TITANIC IS SUNK – Las Vegas legend Bob Stupak’s plans to build a casino
with the theme of the Titanic were sunk by the Las Vegas city council
because of objections by neighbors backing the area. He was planning to
build in on the site of his Thunderbird Hotel which is
located halfway between Fremont St. Experience and the Stratosphere on LV
Blvd. (the Strip). The area isn’t designated as a casino development district.

Now Mr. Stupak is looking to reopen the Moulin Rouge, a shuttered hotel on
Bonanza Rd. about a mile west of downtown. The Moulin Rouge was the first
racially integrated casino in Las Vegas. The Review-Journal has quoted
Stupak as saying “The attraction is, it’s 1999 and the black people need
their spots, The ones with their Cadillacs need a place to go. There’s a
need for it.”

Word is that Bob isn’t exactly on the A list with the NAACP after that
comment, but they can’t knock him for dumping 20 million into a minority
area that desperately needs it. Full story available at:

Rendering Of Bob Stupak’s Titanic Hotel Casino

This article originally appeared June 17, 1999 in the Access Vegas Insider Vibe

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor
Access Vegas