Are You Over 35? Head Downtown Las Vegas To Fremont Street

I hate to beat this into the ground, but the AVERAGE age of a Las Vegas visitor is 49 years old. That fell a few years during the boom, but it came right back and settled at 49. 49 year olds that make upwards of 6 figures per year.

Yet, The Las Vegas Strip seems hell-bent on focusing on people under 35.

Downtown’s outrageous gaming gains in April (25% over the previous year) were no surprise to me. For the most part, downtown is going after the 40+ crowd and starting to do a damn good job of it. Even before their 80’s Rock themed summer for 2012, they’ve had Arena Tribute Band and other 80’s rock/metal cover bands playing for a couple of years now.

I’m 46 and downtown is starting to be my preferred place to hang out. OK, it isn’t as spiffy at The Strip, but it isn’t as expensive either. Even the best restaurants are relatively affordable. Getting bored of the casino you’re at (or simply losing too badly)? A 30 second walk will put you in an entirely new property. You simply can’t do that on The Strip.

Don’t get me wrong: The Strip has awesome shows and great attractions that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. But with the Fremont Street East bar district, the resurgence of Neonopolis, great free entertainment nightly and no thump-thump nightclubs, downtown might be calling your name if pimple cream and prom are a very distant memory.

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Manging Editor

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6 thoughts on “Are You Over 35? Head Downtown Las Vegas To Fremont Street”

  1. I agree. Going back in October and am so anxoisly awaiting the trip. We are splitting our trip this time between a few nights Downtown and a few mid Strip with a one night road trip to Laughlin to see what it is like.

  2. As a rule, I recommend the spectacle that is the Strip to first time visitors, to experience the iconic Vegas attractions like Bellagio Fountains, Eiffel Tower, and the over-the-top high-end hotel/casinos, as well as other sights. After that it’s all about Downtown, the prices, the ambience, the food, the music, the just plain FUN!

  3. We’re visiting again in November. Haven’t stopped at Fremont Street in 2 years, as last time it just seemed run down and a lot of “questionable” people out at night. We’ll take your advice and see how much it has been spruced up. And, I totally agree Vegas caters to the young crowd too much!

  4. We are coming to vegas for the 6th time.We live in england,retired and love the strip,but just adore strolling along freemont.Hope we keep fit enough to do the 10 hour trip for many years to come.We are trying the cosmopolitan as it has balconies(we usually stay at caesars) so hope we wont be disappointed.
    Cu in november Lovely Las Vegas x

  5. My first strip to Vegas, we stayed at the Lady Luck, but ventured to the strip for about 12 hours…I felt like I was in a herd of Cattle because of the crowds & baby strollers…By the time we got back to our Hotel, I knew I would never go back to the strip….3 years later we ventured back & got locked in the Luxor & couldn’t get out…After 3 hours we finally made it out & took a Taxi back downtown….I go to Vegas to Gamble…I enjoy it, but a fancy room is not that important to me…Clean, a comfortable Bed, & shower &bath facilities…I don’t do TV in Vegas, nor do I take a computer…I am there to play and eat & be catered to and I get all of that “Downtown” on Fremont St.I’ve never payed $50 for a room…thanks to & have had comp offers….I feel the Fremont street Experience is now catering to the younger crowds, and if you go at night you’re going to find lots of 21-30 year olds…& I personally miss the older music…but I do realize times change & money is the name of the game…so now I just duck into a Casino to get away from it all…My last trip was over July 4th…I played hard…in 48 hours I slept a total of 7 hours…I’m a Widow & my trip was SOLO…I felt very safe and secure Downtown. I stayed at the 4 Queens where the staff was wonderful..I ate at the Golden Gate savoring my Shrimp cocktails (4 for the trip) & enjoyed 2 Prime Rib dinners at a very reasonalble price where the Wait staff was courteous & efficient and allowed me to feel like I could stay as long as I wished although there were lots of people waiting to be seated, they continued to bring me Coffee, and served it in a pleasant manner & I loved the fact that I could sit and relax while I unwound from gambling…I love the fact that I can go to every Casino within about a 10 minute walk, and also be back in my room within 10 minutes of when I decide I’m tired and want to hit the sack at about 4:00 am in the morning! For me, Downtown has it all! I love the view of the Strip at night from a plane, I love my “Shuttle” ride (Round Trip $18) around the strip while it’s dropping off other folks paying prime dollars in most instances to stay at their strip Hotel & I know they are as excited to be where they are staying as I am to be going to my smaller not as fancy hotel downtown…The shuttle ride may take up toan hour if the shuttle is full, but in most cases I am at my destination in 30 minutes from the airport…You do lose about an hour of Gambling on the return trip as the shuttle picks you up about an hour before you need to be at the airport (I always allow 2 hours for the airport so it extends to 3 with waiting for the shuttle to pick me up)
    but I love Downtown…they are beginning to address some of that younger crowd with the Zipline…& if I was in my 20’s I would be up for that! There are Hotels with Pools if that is important to you, & The Golden Nugget, still a Bargain at 1/2 the cost of strip rooms in most cases is probably the Hotel Downtown with the nicest rooms…& if you like the Strip, for the price of a Taxi you’ll still be $$$ ahead staying at a Downtown Hotel…I have a trip scheduled in Sept. & will check out the updated (I Hope) rooms at the “D” formerly Fitzgeralds…AS always, I am excited & looking forward to my visit!
    I’ll turn 61 on this trip…my Birthday Present to myself in my favorite place to be!

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