Cheating The Casino

As long as there is humanity, there will be the cheating as a phenomenon, in any and every walk of life. It’s ingrained in our psyche as a way to improve out odds at the expense of the other people.

And as cheating is deeply ingrained in any and every walk of life, such is the case with gambling as well. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways which people have devised in order to cheat the casino and get money the wrong way.

This article will detail some of these ways in which people can cheat the casino.

We’ll start out with the classical game of roulette. One way in which you can cheat at roulette is by using the method called “post posting” which entails that you should be attentive of the croupier’s attention lapses and use them in order to place or switch chips while he isn’t looking to the winning numbers. This goes on after the wheel has finished spinning and before the dealer has finished making payouts. The time window is short here, and croupiers are well aware of this way to cheat, so they’ll be on the lookout, but if you’re proactive enough, you may end up finding the croupier that isn’t up to par to the work he’s supposed to be doing. One online casino where you know that you’ll get a fair roulette game is

Another way in which you can cheat at roulette is by analyzing the technique which the croupier uses in order to throw the ball on the spinning wheel. Some croupiers have made this into a science, and they know exactly at what angle and what speed and time to throw the ball in order to get a desired outcome. You can use this information in order to flip the odds. If you know where the ball is headed, then you may place bets around that area and thus improve your odds of winning tremendously.

Another game you can cheat in is the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And this is a field of cheating in and of itself – there are people that have dedicated their lives in order to devise the perfect ways in which they can cheat out other players while playing this game. One way to cheat in this game is by having visual aids into other people’s cards. This can be done by having help from a third party, or by being in collusion with various players on the same table. Also, you can use the ace in your sleeve technique in order to switch losing cards with winning ones.

As we all know, cheating is wrong, but if you’re in desperate need of cash, then use these desperate measures with care.

Always Walk Away A Winner From A Good Run – The 2/3 Rule Of Gambling Winnings

We’ve all had some good runs at the tables and machines. It is exhilarating to be winning and winning and winning money! However, most people tank it all back to the house. Or at least much more of it than they would have really liked to.

The first fallacy is that when you are up, you are playing with “the house’s money”. No, that is YOUR money. At the very second you choose, you can hit the cash out button or cash in your chips and walk. All yours, not theirs! Yes, it is nice to have a cushion of credits or chips where you are not digging into your pocket. But the instant you win some money, it is all yours. Think of it as already being in your wallet.

So, when do you know the right time to walk away? You don’t want to walk away from more potential winnings! Nor do you want to give back too much. Here’s where the 2/3 rule comes in:

The second you get that notion (and you know what I’m talking about) where your mind says “Oh, look… I’m up a bit!”, look at how much you have in chips or credits, figure out what 2/3 of it is, and do NOT let yourself sink below that number. PERIOD. “But Ted, the game has been pretty good, what if I get into another winning streak after some losses?” If the game is good, you won’t get down 1/3 of what you have. That signifies a losing streak. Get out!

And if you continue to win or break even, you won’t hit that “get out” spot. If you do keep winning, you need to keep readjusting your lock-up somewhat regularly. Keep raising it so that the bottom amount you get out with is always 2/3 of the highest you get up. Casinos don’t make their money off of people who get up and take a walk. They make their money off of those of you who give it all back!

August 27, 2014

The Opening Of SLS Las Vegas Hotel And Casino (Former Sahara)

The Sahara hotel just re-opened as the new and trendy SLS. (Supposedly standing for Style, Luxury, and Substance). It is now the sister property to their Miami and Los Angeles, hence the next in a list of hotels here which are branding themselves with letters.

The hotel was originally scheduled to open Labor Day weekend, but they were able to move the soft opening up a week. So, are we going to tell you all about it? Yes and no. We do have some initial photos and PR video from opening night. They did a nice job considering the modest budget for completely gutting and renovating a 1600 room hotel. Any traces of the NASCAR Cafe (along with its infamous 6 pound burrito) and just about anything else middle class are long gone. There is no question that their target market is younger people from places like Southern California.

The interior has an exposed ceiling, just like the new Downtown Grand. I’m not sure if this was because it is simply cheaper, it is in vogue right now, or it gives the cigarette smoke a higher ceiling to dissipate in. Restaurants are tried and true L.A. brands. So if a side journey to Los Angeles isn’t part of your Las Vegas trip, this is the way to make it one.

I’d like to withhold jumping to any conclusions too quickly and “give the wheel a few spins” before we pass any judgment. Word is that pricing would be locals friendly, but did they mean Las Vegas locals? (We’re used to really, really good food and beverage deals at our locals casinos, as some of you who rent cars and make the rounds know). Or did they mean pricing that is acceptable in more expensive Los Angeles? Is it going to end up attracting a wide range of clientele, or be run over with the clubbers and younger crazies, effectively driving away everyone else? And if that is their target market, will they care? (They should as the clubbers don’t gamble).

At this early point, we have more questions than answers. Fortunately, the property is just a few minutes away so we’ll be able to keep tabs. We did complete a video walkthrough, but security was none too friendly and I’ll have to review our tape to see if it is publishable.

Should you check it out? At this point, I’d say yes simply because it is the newest and most shiny thing in town. Buy a monorail day pass and you’ll be whisked right up to the property. Stop in at the old Hilton (now Westgate) on your way to get your money’s worth as it has a monorail stop also. Never hurts to check out the historic property, which is having new life breathed into it as well. If SLS is a bit too trendy for your tastes, The Riviera is still holding strong just a couple of blocks south on The Strip.

August 27, 2014

What Is The Best (Kept Secret) View Of Las Vegas?

Getting your behind kicked in the casino while your rental car goes to waste? When is the last time you saw a spectacular sunset? Because it sits in a valley, Las Vegas has some spectacular views 15 minutes from the Strip. A personal fave of locals is the view from the far east end of Vegas Valley Drive in the eastern foothills. Imagine seeing the entire panorama of the Las Vegas Valley at sunset, watching both the Strip and downtown simultaneously go from daylight to neon glow.

It is also just as good completely after dark. I’ve taken friends and family up there, not being specific about what we are to see. They wonder why we’re driving past the end of houses and stores until we get up to the end of the road (look for the building on the right with all the radio equipment on it), and turn the car around. The view is panoramic and stunning.

Directions are simple. Go west from The Strip on Flamingo until you get to Nellis. Make a left for about 1.5 miles, then a right on Vegas Valley. Drive west on Vegas Valley through the neighborhoods until you get a couple blocks past where the houses end. Just make a U-turn. BOOM. Spectacular. I’ve never had anyone take this short detour whom didn’t rave about it. Grab a little take-out on your way if you time your visit with sunset (and not in the heat of the summer) You’ll want to relax and enjoy the show.

August 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday at El Cortez Las Vegas Specials

Players Card members enjoy complimentary White Castle cheeseburgers every Thursday for the rest of August from noon to 6 p.m., while they play slots and table games on the casino floor. Guests can sip $5 French champagne in the Parlour Bar while listening to the sweet serenade of Frank Sinatra tribute sensation Peter Pavone who takes the stage from 6 to 10 p.m. Following his performance, you can sing (or watch) karaoke from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Award-Winning Elvis Presley Tribute John Brooks continues his performance inside The Parlour every Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. This is old school Vegas lounge entertainment!

August 20, 2014

Will Celine’s Dion’s Heart Go On?

A few weeks ago, Celine Dion had to cancel a couple of weeks worth of shows (which still packs them in) due to vocal inflammation. This was on the heels of her husband having surgery for throat cancer last December. Evidently (and understandably), the pressure took its toll and culminated in her deciding to cancel every show (both Vegas shows and a big tour of Asia) between now and March 2015. We are saddened to hear of her struggles and wish her the very best.

Pragmatically, what does this mean for Las Vegas? Hundreds of thousands of people see Celine here each year, many making the trip specifically to see her. So goes Celine, so has gone Las Vegas over the past decade (although let’s not look over the recession and bust and similar). With the current visitor momentum, the affect on visitor numbers should be minimal. Who may gain the most? Some of the other upper tier shows. 4000 people per night will be looking for other options. Fortunately, Las Vegas has no shortage of them!

August 20, 2014

Yes You Can (Ski During A Vegas Vacation)

Well, kind of. 45 minutes from the heart of The Strip sits Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard resort, which offers real snow skiing from around November through April. Sitting at around 9000 feet, our Mt. Charleston does get snow in the winter. Not good enough for you?

This January, Alaska Airlines will offer service between Las Vegas and the famous Mammoth Lakes ski area of California. The flight is only an hour and will allow visitors from our area to have a 3-4 day ski getaway. This is being done in response to the growing international audience who loves visiting Las Vegas and will take a 2-3 week holiday to also get around the west, seeing places like Disneyland, Hollywood, San Francisco (all also short flights from here), and taking in some of our scenic wonders like the Grand Canyon, Valley Of Fire, and Death Valley (click to our Access Vegas Tours Area for approved tours which we recommend and have relationships with). We have so much in our area to see, and yet people forget about extending and expanding their western vacation to see more of it!

August 20, 2014

Downtown Las Vegas Gets Tourist-Friendly Grocery Market

Come late September, “The Market” will open just across Fremont Street from the El Cortez hotel. Coffee, craft beers, ready-to-eat food, a salad bar and a small seating area (both indoor and outdoor) will compliment a more traditional groceries. We’re talking more of a traditional neighborhood grocery store, not a glorified 7-11. Might be a good place to hit when you want more than Walgreens offers, but don’t want to pay tourist prices for a quick sandwich and drink. For those of you who visit (or stay) downtown but have not ventured over to East Fremont, it is simple! Walk east on the Fremont Street Experience. When it ends, keep walking! Lots more stretches for another five blocks.

August 20, 2014

Is Las Vegas Using All That Energy!

You may think that with the glitz and our long, hot summers we here in Nevada use a ton of electricity. The reality might surprise you: We’re in the bottom 5’th of the nation. Why? During spring and fall, the moderate temperatures keep heating and cooling to a minimum. The average daytime December/January high is 57 degrees (14c), so we aren’t heating near as much as the northern U.S. Finally, it is more efficient (takes less power) to cool than to heat. If you like your home at 72 degrees (22c), you’ll use less power getting it there on a 102 degree (39c) day than on a 42 (6c) degree day. Me? I keep mine at 78 (26c) in the summer and 73 (23c) in the winter. 21 years here has turned me into heat-loving desert rat!

August 8, 2014